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My name is Soban Tariq, I have 7+ years of work experience on Fiverr. I have specially designed this course to reveal all my secret strategies which I used during this course of time to become a successful freelancer on Fiverr. In this course I have implemented my techniques on a brand new profile and have practically shown how you can rank your Fiverr Gig on highly competitive keywords to earn maximum orders in least possible time. 👉 What you’ll learn: - How to create SEO Optimized Fiverr profile - In depth understanding of Fiverr Algorithm - How to do Market Research - Best ways to find Profitable Niches on Fiverr - Find Low Competition Keywords with Secret Tool - Competitor Analysis - How to create SEO Optimized Fiverr Gigs that really sells - Live Gig Ranking - How to grow your Fiverr Account Fast - How I got Multiple Orders on new Fiverr Account - Gig Ranking Secrets - And much more……. This course can prove to be a kick-starter for you to enter in the freelancing world as in this course I have practically drawn the very much needed master plan to win unlimited orders. This course enables you to learn basic to advanced knowledge. All you need to do is to stick to the plan and religiously implement these techniques and success would be your destination.

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Introduction of Fiverr Methodology 2.0

  • Why this is the Best Fiverr Course? 5min 39sec

Fiverr Level System Explained

  • Fiverr Level System Explained 11min 49sec

In this section we are going to create the best fiverr profile.

  • Username Selection and Its Importance 5min 27sec
  • Create the best Fiverr Profile 14min 42sec

In this section I will share my strategies to do Market Research on Fiverr

  • How to do Market Research on Fiverr 11min 2sec
  • Best Fiverr Keyword Research with my Secret Tool 12min 46sec

There are lot of important research we have to do before creating the fiverr gig

  • Fiverr Gig Overview 6min 3sec
  • Gig Title and Its Optimization 12min 33sec
  • Write the Best Fiverr Gig Description 14min 3sec
  • How to find tags 8min 0sec
  • Gig Image Creation and its Optimization 13min 23sec

In this section I will show you live gig creation process and its optimization

  • Fiverr Gig Creation Process 20min 2sec
  • What to do Right After Publishing your Fiverr Gig 2min 30sec
  • Pros and Cons of creating Multiple Gigs on Different Skills 2min 51sec
  • Pros and Cons of creating Multiple Gigs on Same Skills 5min 30sec

How to Pass any Fiverr Skill Test

  • How to Pass any Fiverr Skill Test 3min 29sec

How to withdraw money from fiverr

  • How to Withdraw Money from Fiverr 5min 59sec

In this section I will tell you about some important Fiverr Policies that you have to keep in mind while working on Fiverr.

  • Order Completion Rate Formula and Its Importance 3min 2sec
  • Fiverr Warning System in Detail 6min 19sec
  • Fiverr Multiple Account Policies 3min 0sec

In this section I will show you live gig ranking and how I got orders on new profile.

  • Our new Gig is Ranking on Highly Competitive Keyword 3min 20sec
  • Real Results Part 1 4min 20sec
  • Real Results Part 2 2min 29sec

In this section I will explain In depth Fiverr Gig Ranking Factors

  • Fiverr Gig Ranking Factors Explained 5min 43sec

In this section I will show you some of the best ways to grow your New Fiverr Account and get orders fast

  • Tips to Get Orders on Fiverr Fast 5min 45sec

Here is my final message to everyone who purchased this course

  • Best of Luck for your Future 3min 36sec
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Muhammad Soban Tariq Khan

Founder, Lets Uncover

Hi, I'm Soban Tariq! I am full time Freelancer having more than 7 years of experience on Fiverr and Upwork. I also run a YouTube Channel named "Lets Uncover". I helped 1000's of people to start their career in Freelancing. Now its your time to start your career in Freelancing by becoming my student.


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    It's a good course, i really lern from it.

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    Thanks For Creating a Very helpful Course

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    In-depth keyword research. My gigs are ranking on the first page for several keywords. My one of a good investment. May Allah bless you, my mentor. Thank you

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    Course is really very good gave best knowledge. Thanks for sharing valuable content.

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    Great Course very helpful

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    I never saw a course before in which someone impliments all the strategies and shows live results. Before this course, I believed that only old sellers get orders but now, this course brought a motivation to work on fiverr This is the best and only course on the whole internet. I realy enjoyed and loved the course and highly recommend to buy it. Thank you

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    Amazing and Detailed Course!

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    Best Instructor 👨‍🏫

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    Nice course

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    Amazing instructor. He taught many strategies to boost your Fiverr gigs on the platform. Very detailed and example oriented. Thanks from my heart.

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    very helpful course .thanks for your effortfor us...

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